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Biographies of our Staff

Executive Chef Zach Campion

Cooking has always been a vital part of Zach Campion’s life. After graduating from Simsbury High School at the top of their articulated culinary program, Zach furthered his formal culinary training for 4 years at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. During this period, Zach worked at several establishments, including Local 121 in Providence as well as Metro Bis in Simsbury, where he had the opportunity to work under Christopher Prosperi and gain the necessary exposure and training to hone his craft. Soon after, Zach was given the chance to bring his wealth of experience and talent to ON20, where he has flourished and contributed to their success over the past 2 years. Becoming the Sous Chef at ON20 has allowed Zach to embrace his creativity in working with all types of culinary ingredients as well as to draw upon his team-building skills to enhance the overall kitchen operations. Since then Zach has relocated to Ridgefield, CT to pursue his dream. Cooking completely farm-to-table food.

Mixologist/Sommelier Kyle Martinez

Kyle began his restaurant career as a line cook, and later as sous chef for restaurants in 
Westchester and Litchfield Counties, where he was first able to work personally with local 
farmers. In a brief absence from the industry, he worked with local organizations such as The 
Hickories and Homefront Farmers, where his passion for local, sustainable farming and fresh, 
seasonal ingredients only grew Finally, however, he found himself following his true passion, 
hospitality here at Bailey’s Backyard. 
From there, Kyle has found an avenue to combine his love for beautiful local produce 
and outstanding beverages. From tasting menu wine and beer pairings, to creating seasonally 
inspired craft cocktails fitting with Bailey’s emphasis on house-created ingredients, he has been 
contributing to the beverage program throughout his tenure here. He is also currently pursuing 
certification as a sommelier. 
When he’s not at Bailey’s, Kyle enjoys taking in the cuisine and culture of the New 
England area with his wife, Kelley, and spending time outdoors.

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